Who We Are?

Turn your tech waste into impact

At IRIS Recycling, our journey began driven by a mission to combat the mounting challenge of e waste in our nation. Looking to responsibly dispose of your electronic waste? Look no further than IRIS Recycling! Our e-waste recycling business offers a sustainable solution for your old gadgets and electronics. Specializing in the hassle-free electronic waste pickup .we’re dedicated to transforming how discarded electronics are handled. Our commitment lies in preventing these items from being needlessly discarded, instead focusing on preparing them for renewed use whenever possible. Moreover, we understand the importance of safeguarding your data. Before processing, our internationally recognized Active@ KillDisk program wipes clean any device storage before processing, ensuring your sensitive information remains protected.

At IRIS Recycling, our passion for sustainability drives our every action. Together, we’re reshaping the narrative around e-waste, promoting reuse, and safeguarding both the environment and your privacy. Join us in creating a greener, safer future through responsible e waste recycling near me and electronic waste management. We provide specialized waste management Sydney solutions tailored to your needs.


    Why Choose Us?

    Free of Cost

    We proudly offer a completely free service for the pickup and old electronics disposal of your electronic waste.

    Door Pickup

    We understand the challenges of transporting electronic waste. That's where our hassle-free pickup service comes in!

    Privacy & Security

    Our internationally recognized Active@ KillDisk program ensures the complete erasure of sensitive information.


    Our Working Process

    E-waste Collection

    We pick up your e-waste materials from your doorsteps utterly free of cost.


    Sorting E-waste

    Upon receiving, our team meticulously evaluates and categorises the products.


    Reduce Garbage

    We then employ the Active@ KillDisk program to erase data from devices securely.


    Recycling Process

    By refurbishing or recycling functional items, we extend your electronics’ lifespan.



    We envision a future where electronic items are valued, not discarded.


    To confront the escalating challenge of e-waste in the nation without cost hassles.


    Sustainability, integrity, and innovation underpin every decision we make.

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