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Our goal at IRIS Recycling has been to address the growing problem of e-waste in our country since the company’s founding. Our mission is to change the way that obsolete devices are disposed of we specialize in the hassle-free electronic garbage pickup. We pledge to keep these things from being thrown away needlessly and to prepare them for reuse wherever it is feasible. Furthermore, we recognize how critical data security is. Our globally renowned Active@ KillDisk tool completely erases any device storage prior to processing, guaranteeing that your private data is safe.

Every decision we make at IRIS Recycling is motivated by our love for sustainability. By working together, we’re changing the perception of e-waste, encouraging reuse, and protecting the environment and your privacy. Come along with us as we responsibly manage electronic waste to create a safer and greener future.


We envision a future where electronic items are valued, not discarded.


To confront the escalating challenge of e-waste in the nation without cost hassles.


Sustainability, integrity, and innovation underpin every decision we make.

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Free of Cost

We proudly offer a completely free service for the e waste pick up Sydney and responsible disposal of your electronic waste.

Door Pickup

We understand the challenges of transporting electronic waste. That's where our hassle-free pickup service comes in!

Privacy & Security

Our internationally recognized Active@ KillDisk program ensures the complete erasure of sensitive information.

New Life to Old Electronics

We aim to prepare discarded electronics for renewed use whenever feasible, contributing to a sustainable and greener future.

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    What People Says

    Our school couldn't be happier with IRIS Recycling’s e-waste pickup service! They made it effortless for us to dispose of old electronics responsibly. Their professionalism and efficiency in collecting our e-waste truly impressed us.

    Richardson Florida Partner

    IRIS Recycling’s e-waste pickup service transformed our business's approach to disposal. They collected our outdated devices hassle-free, ensuring data security and environmental responsibility. Highly recommended for businesses looking to make a positive impact!

    Amelia Founder

    A fantastic initiative! IRIS Recycling's e-waste pickup made decluttering our home a breeze. They picked up our old gadgets promptly, providing a sustainable solution while protecting our privacy through secure data erasure.

    William CEO

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